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Website and social media graphics

Branding for campaign

Motion graphics

The Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation is an AFP-led initiative response to counter the online exploitation of children. I currently work with their communication team to create public-facing content as well as work that is reviewed by Ministers in their department. 

Every year, ACCCE encourages its social media followers and communities to take a 7 day online safety challenge with their children to understand how they spend their time online. Below are the graphics created during the height of the COVID19 pandemic. I chose illustrations and typography that would be quite eye-catching.


The material they publish and research can be very confronting so design work always respectful and professional while also providing hope and educational resources to carers.

7D0SC printable.jpg
ACCCE day01.jpg
Day 2.jpg
Day 3.jpg
Day 4.jpg
Day 5.jpg
Day 6.jpg
Day 7.jpg
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